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 Who Am I                                                          

My name is David Ng.

I was born in Hong Kong but spent majority of my life in the sun burnt Australia in Melbourne. 

I am an IT consultant by trade with a multitude of skills developed over almost 20 years of experience. I have worked in quite a number of roles - SCM, BA, developer, DBA, build engineer, release management, environment management, consulting, people management, etc. 

I have worked in a number of countries including New Zealand, Singapore, America, Hong Kong and at my adopted home in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Companies I have worked at include consultancies, several tier-1 financial institutions, software house and telecommunication companies both local and international, private enterprise and listed organisations. 

 My Photography                                               

No, I do not hold a photography degree. I am self-taught. I picked up photography in September, 2004 when I purchased my first dSLR, a Nikon D70. A couple of years after that, I started getting contracts for photo-shoots and that's when I bought my first pro-body, the Nikon D3. In June 2008, I was asked to apply for an ABN. That's how my journey as a working photographer started and it boomed ever since. I love my Nikon D3 and I still shoot with it. It is my best work horse, I have dropped it, replaced it shutter module and bayonet ring and more. Still, it works like a champ and doesn't miss a shot. I do wish I upgraded its buffer when that option was available. 

For several years, I was a contract photographer with AEMA. Now as a freelance photographer, my portfolio spans over weddings, corporate functions, community events, fashion runway and products, concerts, dance, sports opera and portraits. I have done real estates photography as well, hasn't everyone? My clients include private, corporate and government as well as charity and non-profit organisations. 

I take pride in that majority of my clients are repeated clients. Why majority? Because none of the wedding couples I have photographed have asked me to shoot their second wedding yet because they are all still together as far as I know. 

 My Rates                                                            

Rate is negotiated based on the nature of the job - wedding vs corporate portrait vs event vs product shoot. For example, unlike event photography, wedding photos demands (significantly more) editing.

By default, I do not print albums (although I have done it several times before and able to provide tips and advice). 

In the most cases, fee is based on the duration of the shoot, that simple. But this is just a formula and not the rule and please don't ask me to shoot for 15 minutes in a 2 hours event. On the other hand, for concerts, it is a good idea to cover the rehearsal. For events, there may be after parties and VIP shoot. Fees can be negotiated. If it take a fair amount of travel, fee will have to cover that. Also, jobs such as weddings demands for editing hence fees applies.  

 What You Will Get                                            

Full resolution 300 dpi print quality digital copy of the shots plus proof copy, supplied online and/or on media. Extra editing can be done on request for specific photos. ;)

 What I Need From You                                     

Apart from contact details. 
I do demand clear understanding of the job like the program and/or run-sheet, VIP list, site map and floor plan where applicable and parking arrangements. 

I may require to get onsite early for preparation and at times secure store room or cupboard for equipments. 

Most importantly, I need your feedback. Most of my clients are repeated. Understand your preference and opinions help me to better serve you next time and improves my craft. Your feedback and criticism are most appreciated. 

 What's In My Bag                                                                    

I use the following brands: Nikon cameras, Nikkor lenses, Nikon flashes, Elinchrom strobes, umbrellas and Rotalux softboxes, Pocket Wizard triggers, Lastolite and Westcott backgrounds, Manfrotto legs, Lowepro bags and Pelican case. Alright, I do have a Sigma lens as well. Please don't ask me which is better, Nikon or Canon. And please don't ask me what to buy. 

Photography is not about gear (although one can only see what your camera lets you see and I do love mine). It is the combination of light, colour, time, perspective, contrast, shapes, texture, pattern, emotion, connection and the story it can aptly and wonderfully communicate. With it, I have learnt so much about myself, the world around us - people, God's creation - nature, man's creation - architecture, the big and the (really beautifully) small and I have come across wonderful and inspiring people. 

 Contact Details                                                                      


mobile: +61 423 768 676 (0423 768 676)

I hope to capture beautiful memories for you and your loved ones, or help to promote your cause through imagery.

David Ng

A.B.N 56 643 018 323