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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010 - Opening Party

Let me begin with an apology first for not updating the blog for a while. It is ironic that I am probably taking lots of pics when I am not updating this page... :P So, what have I been getting so busy with? Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010.

It was a fantastic week started with a bang at the VIP Opening Party at the Government House. The Government House does open to the public from time to time but I have never been there. Certainly a very beautiful estate. The ballroom was trasformed into a runway with a fairy tale theme. How wonderful!

There was a great ballet performance from the Ministry of Dance, Elvis ('Legend of Elvis') performing with his lovely dancers, many celebrities, lots of great foods and of course a fashion parade as well. Met Megan Gale for the first time. She is as pretty in person as in pictures. :)

Learnt something really funny. There was a brass brand and a professional mermaid model also. She wears a tail and had to be carried in and out. I never thought of that logistic detail! Well done Ruben!

Audi was the official vehicle partner for LMFF. It (TT RS) looked fantastic in front of the Government House at dusk!

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