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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pink Ribbon Day - Water Polo Match

What a fantastic privilege I had to photograph at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) on Pink Ribbon Day, for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Thank you very much Stacey!

This year, several Victorian Water Polo clubs joined forces to help raise funds for breast cancer research, prevention and support services in an effort to acknowledge and support the many fine female athletes this great sport encompasses.

I don't do much sports photography. So, this was an amazing opportunity to develop skills and contribute to a very worthy and important cause.

On top of the water polo matches, one of the biggest star on the day was the Hummer limo. It is the biggest Hummer in the world and it has to be pink for Pink Ribbon Day!

Needless to say, it looked awesome outside as well as inside. Just to name a couple, it has two large flat screens, laser lights everywhere including the floor and sits 24 people. Check this out for more information.

Overlooking the city skyline, the MSAC is a pretty special place!

I was very impressed by the power and accuracy of the athletes.

It can get pretty wild out there!

Amazing how far they can leap out of the water! I had to duck several times while standing behind the goalie. :P

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