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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Australian Formula One Grand Prix 2011

Excuse me for not writing in chronological order. Anyway, went to the Australian Grand Prix sponsored by my employer and AT&T Williams which gave me access to their corporate box. What a fantastic experience!

I have been to the race before, on a Friday, the Formula 1 practice day. With general admission, that is without access to grand stands and pit lane and corporate areas, tickets are fairly cheap. This time, it is a Thursday, which unfortunately is not even a practice day hence there was no F1 action on the track. Anyway, we did get to do a pit lane walk and was even able to get just into the Williams team area without actually getting into the garage. One more thing, it was a really rainy day also! -_-;

Photographically, unless you have a media pass, I think I prefer to be on the ground where I can find some higher vantage point or gaps in the walls where I can get clear view of the cars and the track. The corporate box, which right on top of the pit lane, is all behind fence and even the roof is still not high enough to get over the fence. Unless you really want pit lane actions, otherwise it won't impress.

Enjoy! :)

Here is the Williams team garage.

View of the Ferrari pit lane from the roof. They spend lots of time practising pit stop that day.

I hid in the Loreal tent for a while when it was bucketing down dogs and cats. Thank you so much for letting me in and the show bag. Apart from the Infallible range for products for women, Loreal has a strong focus on men as well this year. For example, the Loreal Hypdra-Power Skin Energizing Gel Cleanser which claims to invigorate skin and deep cleans. It does work!! I tried it myself! :D

I hope this doesn't mean I am old. I really like the second car in particular, so sleek! :)

Not sure if my judgement is influenced by Transformers.. I quite like the Chevy Camaro. May be the same applies to the trucks also.. At least I can get close to these team trucks. ...No, they did not transform on the day but I am sure they can! :D

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